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The Pixeet App is completely FREE and available on the App Store
& Androïd Market.


Pixeet Mobile App

Instant shooting of panoramas

The Pixeet lens captures the whole picture/room with floor-to-ceiling full-360 panoramas (or one shot 180° panoramas). The shooting assistant guides you easily through the shooting process.

Add voice to your panorama

Record a vocal speech or add music to your tour (MP3 format).

Download in JPG format

All the panoramas you shoot can be downloaded in Jpeg format.

Import & Export of existing panoramas or 360

Export and import in the most standard format. Backup your panoramas or edit them with any picture editing software. Pixeet also allows the importation of equirectangular, cube or cylindrical panos and is compatible with a wide range of digital camera and fisheye lenses.

Share your tours on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks

You can share unlimited panoramas on Social networks and platforms. You can also post them to websites, blogs and corporate portals in one click.

Create virtual tours

Create and organize albums & virtual tours (properties, resorts, events...).

Mobile tour and QR code

A Microsoft TAG and a QR Code are automatically generated for each panorama and album you create. Print the code on your ads or pamphlets so mobile devices can display your tours in 3D.

Get the embed code

Pixeet gives you access to the full integration code allowing you to add your tours to your website or blog.

These are the basic features you have access to when you download the FREE Pixeet App.
For a professional use of the Pixeet Solution (Real Estate, Tourism, etc) you need to subscribe to the Pro Pixeet Account that will give you access to many special services (hotspots creation, branded/unbranded tour, analytics, etc) as described below.

To go further with the Pixeet Solution, subscribe to the Professionnal Pixeet Account ! You get access to many exclusive services that will enhance your virtual tours. For Real Estate professionals, this is a unique opportunity to get more listings and maximize their impact with sellers.

Branded tour

Customize your Virtual Tours with your Logo and personal info.
See example...

Pro hosting plan

Includes 10 GB storage (instead of 1 GB with the FREE account). Extra 10 GB storage can be purchased easily. Can be purchased only on Pixeet Online Studio.


Simplified statistics for all your virtual tours (number of views by country, device, etc). Only on Pixeet Online Studio.

Unbranded tour

Remove your brand so your tour fits to the MLS system standard format.
See example...

Video tour

Convert your Tours into stunning videos that can be posted on Youtube.
See example...

Weekly reports

Get your weekly report automatically by email and monitor your audience.
See example...


Add live hotspots and navigate from room to room within your virtual tour.
See example...

CD tour

Download and store your panoramas for offline viewing or to burn your CDs. Only on Pixeet Online Studio.
See example...

PDF brochure

Generate portrait or landscape brochures for each tour that you can easily print and share. Only on Pixeet Online Studio.
See example...

The Pixeet Solution

A mobile app to help you shoot and create your 180° or 360° panoramas.

The Pixeet App is completely FREE and available on the App Store & Androïd Market.